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How Can I Praise Thee?

How can I praise thee for what thou hast done?
How can I praise thee for sending thy son?
How can I praise thee for thy righteousness and love?
How can I praise thee for thy mansions above?
How can I praise thee for the blessings thou hast given me:
The gift of breath, movement, even the ability to believe?
How can I praise thee for a faithful, loving family,
Friends, and a church that will never leave?
How can I praise thee for the birds singing their songs?
How can I praise thee for the trees that grow strong?
How can I praise for this cancer that blesses my body?
As it makes me realize that thou art so holy.
I cannot praise thy Name properly or with full accord,
But I will praise thy holy name, the Name that I adore.


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Gospel Poem

This is another poem I wrote. Here are the relevent texts:Romans 8:29-30, Ephesians 1:4-5, 1 John 3:1, Isaiah 14:24, Romans 5:17-18, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Ephesians 2:1-5, 1 Corinthians 15:52-53,  2 Corinthians 5:2-4, Revelations 13:8, Luke 1:27, Matthew 4:17, Genesis 50:20, Psalm 1

For those whom He foreknew, which were those that He foreloved
Before the foundations of the world or the skies above
He predestined to be conformed with eternal affection
As children of God, which set forth their election
Next was the calling, which is always effectual
Because His plans shall stand and His purpose is perpetual
Then comes justification, the next step in salvation
Counted Righteous in Christ, raised from death to life
Finally glorification with new feet, hands, and faces
Raised to be with God in the heavenly places

There was the book of life of the lamb that was slain
Which means there was a lamb and book of many names
This lamb was His son, whom He would send one day
Babe born a virgin sent to give his life away

If all this is God’s work then what are we to do?
Well, Christ’s first message was repent or be doomed
So though He’s in control you still are responsible
Though He is sovereign you will still be held accountable
For your actions, decisions, and the choices that you make
Your friends and sins, and all the truths that you fake
Though you intend it for evil and God intends it for good
This doesn’t mean do evil when there is a good you should
So turn from your ways and bear fruit for His glory
Or bear the fruits of His wrath for the rest of eternity

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Colloquial Con-men

We’re diurnal beings
With nocturnal feelings
Colloquial con-men
Conversational sin
Whimsical alibis
Hat-tricks full of lies
Total depravity
Explainable insanity
Mute and Dead, Blind and Deaf
Slaves of sin, slaves of death
Tears were shed, sweat was bled
A cross precious arms were spread
Irresistible Grace
Nail-scarred hands, Love’s true face

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We have scraped the heavens with buildings galore
Beat the earth to the ground until life stands no more
We have made death blink time and time again
And when we’ve almost lost, we always seem to win
We have split the atom and labeled the cell
Traveled the heavens and to the depths of hell
What was impossible is now inconvenient
Exponential advancement so fast you’ve seen it
Toys and guns that are hardly recognizable
Bodies remade unidentifiable
Yet despite our lofty ambition we will rot in the ground
Cause we think we are God, not the other way around

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A Partaker of Polemics

A Partaker of Polemics
Philosophical Endemics
Awakening Apologetic
Enlightening Hermeneutics
Theological Endeavors
With the Sword the Root is Severed
A Thesis of Exegesis
Paul’s letters and the true Jesus
Valid Deductive Reasoning
Tastefully Taunting and Teasing
Logical Juxtaposition
Complicated Composition
Veraciously Fixed Fallacies
Miraculously Mended Maladies
Warrior, poet, contender, priest,
Of all of these, I am the least

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